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New World Energy


Uncover New Global Energy Solutions for a Sustainable and Greener Future 

We are A Passionate Energy Company Focused on Sustainability.

Heat your pool sustainably with New World Energy’s solar battery systems. Efficient and eco-friendly, they cut energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Invest in a smarter, greener future with New World Energy.

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Explore Our Renewable Energy Solutions

Personalized Energy Assessments

Our specialists are ready to evaluate your specific needs and design custom solutions that optimize energy usage for heating your pool. [Get Started]

Advanced Solar Battery Storage

Keep your pool warm consistently with our state-of-the-art solar battery storage solutions, designed to maintain comfort and energy efficiency regardless of the weather. [View Details]

Battery Storage Systems

Delve into a variety of solar energy services tailored to meet your needs, ensuring efficient and sustainable power solutions for every aspect of your home. [Explore Our Solutions]

Smart For The Environment. Smart For Your Wallet

Investing in solar technology not only protects the environment but also offers significant financial benefits. Our high-efficiency solar solutions are designed to optimize your energy usage and significantly reduce your monthly utility bills. Experience the best of both worlds with technology that pays for itself over time.

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Residential Solar Power

Transform your home with our residential solar power systems. Designed for maximum efficiency, our systems ensure you harness the sun’s energy to power your daily needs, reducing your carbon footprint while enhancing your property value.

Batteries & Backup Systems

Ensure uninterrupted power with our advanced batteries and backup systems. Perfect for managing energy storage and providing emergency power, these systems deliver reliability when you need it most.

Industrial Solar Power

Scale up your energy production with our robust industrial solar solutions. Ideal for large-scale operations, these systems provide a reliable power source that minimizes energy costs and maximizes operational efficiency.

Power Your Entire Home

Go off-grid with our comprehensive solar power systems designed for whole-home applications. Enjoy the freedom and security of generating and managing your own energy supply, regardless of external grid conditions.

New World Energy

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