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Pool Maintenance with Battery-Backed Solar Power

By pairing solar power with battery storage for pool maintenance, we can improve energy efficiency and be more environmentally responsible.

The Role of Accredited Installers

As households and businesses embrace this transformation, the value of high-quality solar installations cannot be understated. Accredited installers are at the heart of this change, ensuring solar energy systems’ effectiveness, efficiency, and lifespan through their skill, accreditation, and dedication…

How Can I Save Money on Energy?

How Can I Save Money on Energy?In a time where energy consumption plays a pivotal role in our daily lives, New World Energy offers innovative solutions for a sustainable and cost-effective energy future. With a focus on small, large, and very large residential spaces,...

Understanding the Planning Requirements of Solar Installation

Understanding the Planning Requirements of Solar Installation The installation of solar panels is a viable option for many homeowners seeking to reduce their environmental footprint and energy costs. Before installing solar panels, it is important to understand the...

Making The Most of Your Solar Energy

Making The Most of Your Solar EnergyWith the need for sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, many individuals question the worth of investing in solar power. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully evaluate the merits of solar power and explore the various...

We are constantly looking for solutions that improve our customer’s energy efficiency and supply while providing easily accessed, helpful, informative support

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New World Energy provide the best in consultative support, enabling our customers to make an educated, informed decision on the best equipment or products that will work correctly for them

6.5KW Hybrid Battery

Our swimming pool heater solutions allow customers to save money while sustainably heating their pool or spa.

6.5KW battery
Hybrid inverter

Hybrid Inverter

Discover effortless power management with our Hybrid Inverter. Add up to 4 6.5kw batteries per inverter for customisable, reliable, and eco-friendly power that seamlessly adapts to your needs.

5-in-one Home ESS

Combining five essential components, our innovative 5-in-One Home ESS offers a fully integrated solution. It brings together a Solar Inverter, EV DC Charger, Battery PCS, Battery Pack, and EMS, creating a powerful and cohesive energy system.

5 in 1 Home ESS

New World Energy is an accredited supplier recognised by the government, leading the charge in transforming the green energy industry. We specialize in DIY solar solutions for households and businesses, offering site surveys, installation plans, and MCS-accredited inspections. Our commitment to you goes beyond just being a supplier – we strive to be a trusted partner by providing transparent, cost-effective, and well-informed solutions.

We take full advantage of the VAT incentives for solar and battery installations, making sustainable energy options more affordable for our customers. Our aim is to eliminate common market pitfalls, ensuring customers benefit from fair pricing and comprehensive information. We offer tailored renewable plans and high-quality products to businesses. At NWE, we are committed to delivering solutions that make green energy more accessible and sustainable, ensuring a brighter future for all.

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